“Life and Creation : 21 days after Fertilization the Heart starts to beat”.

Since ever passionnated by Asian Philosophy, Literature and Calligraphie,
30 years as Sales Ingenieur in Europeen Chemicals and Automotive Logistics,
Ingrid s life path started about ten years ago with meeting Dao Hua Qi Gong, the puzzle came together. Resonance made her connecting with The school of Remembering and Daniel Mitel from the beginning then. The beautiful flow, in profound resonance with the heart manifested in joining the School of the heart.

It s a great honour for her beeing taught by master Daniel Mitel and joining the group of heart dedicated teachers of TSOTH.

Lifelong ongoing practice in Heart Imagery and Inner Path, Qi Gong, Qi Calligraphie, Sword practice, Light Language, Intuitive Poetry Writing are main puzzle parts of Ingrid s Life.

She dedicated her life to the heart based Energie flow of the univers and life.
Reconnecting people to their true self and profound awereness, to the infinite potentialities of life and Energie.