“Write in” I ”, with amplification, and declamation aloud invites to let go and the unconditional reception of this intimate voice, voice of the heart, course of my destiny. This “I” from the sources is of immense humility. It nourishes the water table that connects us: this “I” is “us”. By welcoming it, this part in me is so much larger and sublime than me, this part which transcends and connects us. “​


“Autolouange is a millennial and universal practice. Magic ancient language of poetry (Robert Graves), this original form is improvised and spontaneous. By this practice of a primitive simplicity each one finds the way of the sources in oneself. And recognizes it in the other. Rediscover the path to happiness, a compass to guide me towards myself in the labyrinth of modern life, a sign which indicates the essential in the midst of the innumerable surface solicitations. The autolouange is an ancient tradition common to the Amerindians, Celts, Africans and oriental shows us the way of an interior posture allowing to cross these times of mutation. This “autolouange” is practiced today by precursors, professionals of education, therapy and social work. They invite us to follow suit. “